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Sendal, Tarkan

Tarkan Şendal was born in 1993 in Kırşehir, a small town near the capital Ankara in Turkey. He started having music and piano classes at the age of 14 with the teachers in the high school he was attending. In a short term, he showed a quick progress and improvement, also an intense interest to early keyboard instruments and how they are working inside.

After high school graduation, although he went to the college to become a ship captain, he left this college and proficiency during the 2nd year after deciding to focus on music. In 2014, he started working in a music store as a piano sales advisor. This gave him the opportunity to be offered for giving private piano classes. According to the masters, the best way to deeply learn a subject is checking if himself can teach it. Thus, started teaching was a great way to dive into music.

In 2016, he met a Dominican priest in the store just coincidently and this meeting led him to learn about organs. Priest showed him an Italian style organ playing and how generally organs are working. In 2019, he was preparing to go to Gdansk/Poland to work as an intern organ builder under the instructions of organ-builder Maciej Sztuba, well-known Polish organ builder and voicer. After 3 months of work during summer, he started to overhaul the 1898 Gebrüder-Rieger organ in the Holy Spirit Cathedral in Istanbul and successfully managed to prepare it for international organ festival concerts. He had regular visits to Poland to study under Maciej Sztuba thanks to his supports.
Returning to Turkey, he overhauled the 1911 and 1888 built Hill & Sons organs in British churches, 1997 Robin Jennings 3-stop positive organ, 1965 Werner-Bosch organ in Ankara, 1859 Fratelli Bossi-Urbani organ. Following these overhauls and repairs, he gave 4 organ concerts including the great inaugural concert of Bossi organ after her long years of silence.

His keyboard works are not limited only organs and he does repairs and maintenances also for harpsichords and harmoniums. His goal is to raise an awareness to historical keyboard instruments and get more people interested in learning them.

mit freundlicher Genehmigung von Tarkan Sendal